What We Do

The Otter Soap Company handcrafts soaps, blending ingredients that not only smell good but invigorate the senses. We pride ourselves in crafting our soaps with natural ingredients with names that you can pronounce. None of our products contain any kind of preservatives. We are committed to quality and individuality as we strive to share something we love with our community that reestablishes the importance of simple ingredients while nourishing the skin with the richness of nature.

Our Soap

Self Care

We aim to inspire a sense of freshness and self-care by redefining it through unique, handcrafted soaps.


We take pride in using natural, eco-friendly ingredients with skin-friendly properties.


We don't believe in cutting corners, and each of our products is subject to stringent quality control checks.


Our soaps truly make great gifts. Share the joy with a loved one!